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Revolutionizing Warehousing and Robotics: Meet the Visionaries Behind Addverb Technologies


Addverb Robotics: In an era defined by technological advancements, Addverb Technologies stands as a pioneering force, reshaping the warehousing and robotics landscape. This transformation is fueled by a visionary partnership with Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Retail, infusing innovation into supply chain operations.

With Reliance Retail securing a substantial 54 percent stake, valued at USD 132 million (approximately Rs 983 crore), Addverb Technologies is poised to redefine industry standards through efficiency and automation.

Transformational Need: Addverb Robotics

Robotic integration swiftly reshapes India’s warehousing sector. Amid a burgeoning economy, demand surges for optimized supply chain mechanisms. Robotics emerges as a dynamic remedy, tackling labor shortages, operational efficiency, and precision. Traditionally, India’s warehouses suffered labor-intensive processes and outdated systems. Addverb Technologies steps in to revolutionize this norm.

Powerful Alliance: Reliance Retail and Addverb Robotics

Under Mukesh Ambani’s visionary guidance, Reliance Retail allies with Addverb Technologies, signaling a future where robotics dominates warehousing. The substantial investment underscores robotics’ pivotal role. An influx of resources positions Addverb to establish the world’s largest robot manufacturing unit, forging a new era of automation.

Founders’ Vision: Architects of Transformation

At the core of Addverb Technologies are visionary founders: Sangeet Kumar, Prateek Jain, Amit Kumar, Satish Shukla, and Bir Singh. Armed with diverse backgrounds, they identified market gaps during their tenure at Asian Paints. Their mission: redefine standards and reshape warehousing via adaptable automation solutions.

Visionary Leadership: Addverb Robotics

CEO Sangeet Kumar, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, and COO Prateek Jain, an IIT Bombay alumnus, drive Addverb’s journey. A decade of expertise from GAIL (India) Limited, ITC Limited, Infosys, and more propels their leadership. Amit Kumar, Satish Shukla, and Bir Singh contribute extensive insights from dedicated service in technology roles.

Global Influence: Addverb’s Reach

Since 2016, Addverb Technologies embarks on an extraordinary journey. From Noida’s origins, global offices span the US, the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, the UAE, and Germany. These locations, fortified by research hubs in India and the USA, form Addverb’s global stronghold.

Diverse Product Line: Addverb’s Offering

Mobile Robots, ASRS, Picking Technologies, and Warehouse Management Software define Addverb’s diverse arsenal. At its core, Addverb engineers tailored robotics for warehouses and factories, revolutionizing storage tasks and goods movement.

Pioneering Collaborations: Addverb’s Impact

Noteworthy collaborations punctuate Addverb’s journey. Designing seven warehouses for Jiomart solidifies its intra-logistics automation leadership. Delivery of a fully automated Unilever warehouse marks another milestone.

Path of Innovation: Addverb’s Commitment

Addverb Technologies’ innovation journey continues, poised to establish an innovation lab. IoT, Machine Learning, Robotics, ASRS, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality redefine supply chain operations and industry standards.

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A Visionary Future: Addverb and Reliance Retail

As Addverb Technologies reshapes warehousing and automation, its partnership with Reliance Retail underscores visionary leadership. A blend of founder expertise, innovative leadership, and Reliance’s strategic support propels Addverb to the forefront of logistics and automation.

Unwavering commitment to industry transformation propels Addverb Technologies, heralding a future of unrivaled efficiency, precision, and automation.

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